Skeacher - the quick ski course for the spontaneous

Tips and tricks on the slopes, from our ski instructors

Skeachers can be booked directly on the ski slope for spontaneous ski lessons (individually or in small groups).

How do I use my poles optimally? Why do I always end up in the back position? And why do I always have cold feet? Whoever is looking for answers to such or similar questions can register with our ski school. Or he/she can choose the alternative for spontaneous people and meet the personal skeacher directly on the slopes!

What is behind the term "Skeacher"? On many ski slopes in Graubünden you will find ski instructors, or "skeachers" for short. These are professional ski instructors from the Swiss snowsports schools. Thanks to them, you can correct small insecurities and improve your skiing style on just one slope - spontaneously and without prior booking.

If you want, you can also let Skeacher film and analyze you. This way you can see small technical flaws and share a great video with friends or family members at the same time.

Skeachers are recognizable by their white armband. Feel free to contact us!

Skeacher Days with our snowsports instructors
Next Dates Location
will be announced Alptrider Saddle, 09.30-11.30 am

Costs per run
1 guest CHF 39
2 guests CHF 25 per guest 
3 guests CHF 20 per guest
4 guests CHF 15 per guest

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