Snowboard Group Lessons

for children and Teenager

Round turns, stylish descents and crazy jumps

The Swiss Snow Sports School Samnaun is your competent contact for snowboarding lessons. The focus of our teachers is on teaching children and young people the correct technique and the joy of snowboarding from the very first minute.

At the beginning it is important that beginners get used to the snowboard. Right from the start, attention is paid to the correct body position. After various introductory exercises for “one-foot riding” and “full base riding,” the first few meters are slid on the heel and toe edges. Building on this, “Fullbase to Slipped Driving”, “Slided Driving in the Traverse” and “Slided to Fullbase Driving” follow. In this phase it is very important that the children and teenagers master the tasks confidently. Because these exercises are the basis for the slid turns.

Children and teenagers who can ski on blue slopes are taught their first tricks (waltz, wheelie). It will soon also be important for kids and teenagers to be able to drive “switch”. In addition, the basics for the snow park are developed (speed check, fifty/fifty over a simple box, jump over small jump systems).

Furthermore, the driving technique (carving) is improved, slope tricks are practiced and park elements are developed.

snowboard group lessons Samnaun

Meeting point

All children's groups meet shortly before lessons start (9:45 a.m.) at the children's area on Alp Trida. At lunchtime and in the evening all children's classes return to Kinderland (exception; day trip).

Here you can find out how to get to the children's area:          meeting point

snowboard group lessons Samnaun

Course days & course times

  • The SNOWBOARD group lessons take place daily from Monday to Friday; there are no group courses on weekends (exceptions; December 28th/29th, 2024 and April 19th/20th, 2025).
  • The SKI group lessons take place daily from Sunday to Friday, there are no group courses on Saturdays (exceptions; Sat. December 28th, 2024, January 4, 2025 and Sat. April 19th, 2025)

The course times are as follows (half day also possible): 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m

meeting point alp trida sattel Samnaun

Transfer & lunchtime care

We also offer a pick-up and drop-off service as well as lunchtime care. Further information can be found on the relevant pages:

Pick-up and drop-off service                                                  Lunchtime care

Snowboard Group Lessons

Snowboard levels

Level Description
  • It's my first time on a snowboard.
  • I'm not completely unfamiliar with snowboarding, I've already tried it. However, I still feel very insecure and find it difficult to make turns.
slightly advanced
  • I feel comfortable on blue slopes, I can turn left and right. It would be nice if I could make my turns a little more fluidly and also be able to ski on red slopes soon.
  • Blue and red slopes are no problem for me, now I would like to tackle the black slopes and/or gain my first deep snow experience.
  • It's difficult for me to do switch turns, I haven't mastered slope tricks yet, but I want to learn. 
  • I would like to gain my first experiences in the fun park.
  • I can ski on all slopes (blue, red, black), powder runs are the best for me.
  • I have already mastered some slope tricks, but I would like to improve in this area, learn new tricks and develop my own style. 
  • Kickers and rails fascinate me. I want to keep pushing myself and learn new jumps and tricks.

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