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Children's ski courses at the Swiss Snow Sports School in Samnaun

For the smallest children, our children's area is located on Alp Trida, right next to the Milolift (N3). This is where the children start their first attempts on skis. Our children's area is a safe area for beginners in the Silvretta Ski Arena, with a covered magic carpet, carousel, break room and other aids.

Once the children have gotten used to the skis, learned the plow and the first individual turns (BOBO Bambini + BOBO Group 1), they can move to the Milolift next door. The Milolift is a button lift on which children complete their first short descents. They learn in a playful way to stop on command, make several turns in a row, load the outside ski and follow a given line (BOBO Group 2).

Children who can easily ride the Milolift, brake in a controlled manner and make different curve radii (pressure on the outside skis) dare to take the big step onto the slopes. Piste 62 is best suited for the first descents. It is the easiest piste that can be reached directly from Alp Trida. However, it is very long and takes some time. That's why we carefully consider each child's step from the Milolift to the slopes. As soon as the children master this Flimsattel piste without any major problems, they are ready for the other blue pistes (BOBO Group 3).

Even in the "higher groups" (from ) we make sure that the children have fun and learn the correct skiing technique at levels and are trained in a variety of ways (fun park, deep snow, etc.).

Videos on the different skill levels can be found further down on this page.

Kindergarden Alp Trida Snowsports School Samnaun

Our location guarantees parents an unforgettable day of skiing and still short distances for a visit to the children's area. You don't even have to leave the ski area.

Meeting point

All children's groups meet shortly before lessons start (9:45 a.m.) at the children's area on Alp Trida. At lunchtime and in the evening all children's classes return to Kinderland (exception; day trip).

Here you can find out how to get to the children's area:          meeting points

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Course days & course times

  • The SKI group lessons take place daily from Sunday to Friday, there are no group courses on Saturdays (Exceptions; 12/28/2024 and 04/19/2025).
  • The SNOWBOARD group lessons take place daily from Monday to Friday; there are no group courses on weekends (Exceptions; 12/28/2024 & 12/29/2024 and 04/19/2025 & 04/20/2025).
  • Starts and break days during the week are possible without any problems. Please inform the snow sports instructor accordingly.

The course times are as follows (half day also possible): 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m

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Transfer & lunchtime care

We also offer a pick-up and drop-off service as well as lunchtime care. Further information can be found on the relevant pages:
Pick-up and drop-off service                                                  Lunchtime care

Penguin BOBO's Kids Club

The 10 steps to skiing - with Penguin BOBO children's club


Using the videos, parents can classify their children into the correct ability group in advance. This helps us to ease the organizational effort when dividing people into groups and makes the on-site division work more efficient. The division into groups is often based on the age of the children.

Group 1 - Green - Bambini

Group 1 - Green - Beginner

Group 2 - Blue - Slightly Advanced

Group 3 - Blue - Slightly Advanced

Group 4 - Blue - Slightly Advanced

Group 5 - Red - Advanced

Group 6 - Red - Advanced

Group 7 - Red - Advanced

Group 8/9/10 - Black - Expert/Professional

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