Chaperoned lunch

So the little ones will be strong again

Spending your lunch break with your favorite ski instructor is much more than just a break. The hour-long lunch break is an important part of a holistic and memorable ski school experience. The children get to know their "friends" and grow together as a group.

Chaperoned lunch Chaperoned lunch

The younger children (Bambini to group 2) eat at the Alp Trida mountain restaurant. In the restaurant Sattel Panorama the older children (from group 3) are looked after.

Every day there is a different menu. Please inform us if your child has a food intolerance. We will be happy to take this into account accordingly.

Day trip

Wednesday is our day trip! All the children who are already "on the big slopes" go on a day trip with their ski group, skiing on slopes that are otherwise almost inaccessible in two hours. The ski instructors decide for their group exactly where to go on the excursion and in which restaurant to have lunch. A highlight for young and old.

chaperoned lunch incl. food 12 - 13 CHF 17.--

Book course

Lunchtimecare with BOBO Samnaun Ischgl cable car Ischgl-Samnaun Kids Club Ski School

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